This Photograph produced below was kindly provided by John Turner who like myself joined the Ellenga at the builders yard Swan Hunters at Newcastle in May 1960 for the maiden voyage.    It was John's first trip to sea sailing as as 5th Engineer and the photograph below shows him getting his hair cut by some keen amateur barbers.

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The miscreants performing the dreaded dead are from left to right : Alec Black 3/E/O, Alan Lucas Purser, and  Alec Coyle Electrician.


The next set of photographs were given to me by Mike Ledger and are produced here with his kind permission.  Mike was the Third Officer on the ship at this time.

Mike Ledger 3/O on the bridge of the Ellenga.


Dave Whitehouse who relieved me as 2/O on the Ellenga after the first year in service. Dave and I first sailed together on the Chindwara as cadets ( he a bit senior to me) and we again sailed together again on the Dunera when I was Staff Second Officer and he was First Officer in 1965.  We next met up again forty one years later at the Glasgow Reunion in 2006.



Left to right: Norman Burnett 5/E/O later promoted to 4/E/O, John Coulthard (myself) 2/O and John Dixon R/O,

For the tankers BI recruited crews from West Pakistan who mainly came from the North West Frontier Provinces, although initially not so nautically experienced as our regular  Indian crews they made up for it with their enthusiasm,  Pictured here is Abdul Razak on the wheel steering the ship.


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